With Confidence's New Album "Love and Loathing" Review

Fresh off of Warped Tour, Sydney-based band, With Confidence, dropped their second album titled “Love and Loathing”. Although dropping an album right after Warped Tour is a classic move for artists in the punk rock scene, it is a time of year myself, and many other fans look forward to. Fortunately, I managed to catch a couple songs of With Confidence’s set at the Buffalo Warped Tour date and it got me super excited for this new album. Their set was one of the most energetic of the day, and even though they played towards the end of the day, the crowd was still having a great time singing along to their catchy lyrics and dancing along to their awesome pop punk beats.

Their new album gives off the same vibes as their Warped Tour set: fun, energetic, catchy, and full of great lyrics to sing along to. They are influenced by bands like All Time Low and Blink-182 and it is definitely audible in their song writing. Lyrically, “Love and Loathing” centers itself around the idea of relationships and the difficulties people face when relationships don’t work out. From feeling like your not enough for someone, to break ups, to relationships that simply aren’t going to work, this album covers them all. They did a great job of putting together an album that can relate to so many different people, lyrically and musically. This album has something for every punk fan. From the true pop punk sing along’s of “That Something” and “Sing to Me” to the poppier feel of “The Turnaround” to the heavier “Icarus” and finally, the acoustic vibes of “Bruise” and “Paquerette”, there isn’t a part of punk that this album is missing.

The only criticism I have of this album is that it feels too generic in terms of “pop punk”. It’s a great crowd pleaser, and very fun to listen to, however, I’d love to hear more individuality through their music. I hear a lot of influences, but I crave a new sound from With Confidence, and I feel like that was lacking. This album definitely features some amazing music as a whole. They produced a great sophomore album with lots of potential for putting on a great show. With catchy, upbeat songs, their upcoming tour will sure be one that you don’t want to miss.

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