The Uncharted Hour Live S2:E3

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Artist: Cold Wrecks

Song: “Letters”

Album: Breaking

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Release Date: 2016

“Dad rock for pop-punkers, pop-punk for emo kids, emo for dads”, Cold Wrecks Spotify bio says it all. Somewhere along the line, The Front Bottoms met dad rock and they had a baby and named it Cold Wrecks. With a unique sound and catchy lyrics that can be enjoyed by so many different people with different tastes, this band, emerging from the heart of New York City, is one you’ll find yourself jamming along to all day no matter what kind of “punk” you prefer.

Artist: The Split Seconds

Song: Impulsive Automatic

Album: Counterfeit Reality

Hometown: Washington, DC

Release Date: 2018

Record Label: Altercation Records

This band is another one that you would hear on your dad’s radio on the car ride to school, but with a twist. The Split Seconds take classic rock guitar riffs and turn them into new age rock for the next generation of rock and roll lovers. Their songs contain a combination of rock and roll, ska, garage rock, and 60s pop and turn it into a refreshing new sound that can only be heard on their records.

Artist: Living With Lions

Song: “The Remedy”

Album: Island, Single

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Release Date: 2018

Record Label: No Sleep (US)/In Bloom (CAN)/Ice Grill$ (JPN)/Redfield Records (EU)

This band is one that can get through anything. The last few years have been tough for them. From losing their frontman in 2012 to health complications delaying the recording of their third album, they’ve been through a lot. However, this year is going to be a big one. They are finally releasing their third album after almost two years in production, this Friday, September 21st and I am definitely looking forward to it. Living With Lions has proven that they can take on anything life throws at them and I’m excited to see what they have in store for the future.

Artist: Carried Away

Song: “Glass”

Album: Glass, Single

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Release Date: 2016

Female-fronted pop-punk band, Carried Away, is another band this week that takes old style music and gives it a new spin. Except this time, their sound draws influence from early 2000’s pop punk and while their lyrics are heavy and raw like new age pop punk, both elements that I love, and when they come together, give Carried Away an individuality that sets them apart from other female-fronted pop punk bands.

Artist: Macseal

Song: "Next to You"

Album: Macseal EP

Hometown: Long Island, NY

Release Date: 2015

Long Island natives, Macseal, describe themselves as “an amalgamation of alternative/indie/emo/punk/math/pop/peanut butter and jelly”. There’s only one word to describe this band: fun. This band will make you want to get up out of your seat and dance around your room for hours. From their concert photos, I can already tell that this band is full of energy and excitement and I hope to one day see their upbeat, lively music played live.

Band: Signals Midwest

Song: "You’re Gonna Be Golden"

Album: At This Age

Hometown: Cleveland, OH Release Date: 2016

Record Label: Tiny Engines

Signals Midwest will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary as a band this fall. The actual anniversary show will be on October 12 in Cleveland OH, at the Grog Shop. Lyrically, Signals Midwest's album At This Age focuses on how people go through their lives while maintaining connections to who they were as a child.

Band: Timeshares

Song: “Life Support”

Album: On Life Support

Hometown: Downstate New York

Release Date: January 9, 2018

Record Label: SideOneDummy Records

Brining a mix of pop-punk and rock, Timeshares has a sound that can take you all the way from A to Z. Forming in 2009, Timeshares has put out their fair share of records, their newest EP titled On Life Support, complements their past records while bringing a new flare to their sound.

Band: Captain We’re Sinking

Song: “Trying Year”

Album: King of No Man

Hometown: Scranton, PA

Release Date: 2017

Record Label: Run For Cover Records

Captain We’re Sinking’s new record is a record that is made for trying times. As said on Run For Cover Records website, “The King of No Man confronts life’s seemingly constant defeats, and throughout navigates themes of desperation, debt, and death. The musical arrangements are just as complex as the issues challenged in the lyrics.”. Coming from Scranton, Pa, Lead singer Bob Barnett is brothers with Greg from the Menzingers so that would help them get a foot in the local scene. They still continue to play the annual local Christmas show with them, which will be December 10th with Tiger’s Jaw.

Band: Restorations

Song: “Nonbeliever”

Album: Nonbeliever (Single)

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Release Date: 2018

Record Label: Tiny Engines

This band was formed after the break-up of post-hardcore band Jena Berlin by

singer/guitarist Jon Loudon and guitarist Dave Klyman. Their new project Restorations

has a sound that combines post-rock, punk, Americana and folk-rock. These guys will be in

Buffalo on October 18th at the Rec Room.

Band: The Dopamines

Song: Ire

Album: Tales of Interest

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Release Date: 2017

(We decided to use their Spotify bio word for word because a summary just wouldn't do it justice), "Ok so apparently The Dopamines formed in late 2006. Originally they just wanted to play ramones-core songs at house parties, so they could drink cheep beer and not run up huge bar tabs on weekends. 10 years or so later, they play sloppy shows at bars and run up huge tabs. So basically, the quality/cost ratio kinda tipped in the opposite direction they had previously intended. In conclusion, don’t start a band [if] you’re going to lose money and embarrass yourself in-front of strangers."

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