Inside Scoop: Times Like These Release a Fresh EP, and Creative New Music Video

Band: Times Like These

EP: Take Me Home

Release Date: 1/1/19

Times Like These

The past few months have been quite the wild ride for the Long Island pop-punk group Times Like These. Ever since they got back from tour in June, it was all hands on deck to create their latest EP Take Me Home. However, all of their hard work definitely paid off in the end because their project Take Me Home is something truly special. Even though this three-song EP times in at just under ten minutes, it still leaves a lasting impact on the listener, and properly showcases the recent growth that the band has gone through. We were lucky enough to catch up with the guys in Times Like These to get the inside scoop on their new EP and accompanying music video.

If this is your first time ever hearing about Times Like These then you are in luck because their new EP Take Me Home is a perfect combination of the solid pop-punk sound that they are known for, and an exploration into a new side of the band. There is also super creative music video for the title track of the EP, that you just have to check out as well. So, if you have been dying to find your new favorite pop-punk act then look no further than Times Like These. Before we get too ahead of ourselves, let's talk about what makes Take Me Home such a special EP.

The first thing to note about this new EP is its outstanding production quality, even when I listen to it on my Bose headphones, it still holds its ground. This quality production is due to the fact that Times Like These teamed up with the legendary Rian Dawson from All Time Low to take their music to the next level. When I asked Mike Acampora, vocalist of Times Like These about this partnership he told me, “The experience alone was something that we will hold close to our hearts forever, working with Rian and his assistant Dan on Take Me Home was absolutely amazing. Those two men are two of the most talented people we have gotten to work with and we are truly humble for that.”. This partnership is just what Times Like These needed to really push themselves to a new stage in their career. So, with their production quality sounding crystal clear, my next question for Mike was where he found his lyrical inspiration for this new project, to which he responded, “When we wrote Take Me Home it was right after we got back from tour in June and we were all winding down from the excitement. I was finding the inspiration for the lyrics in places I wouldn't usually be looking. I remember locking myself in a room at a house party and just scribbling all the lyrics down on a napkin and everything came together that night except for the bridge which was later written in a Nashville hotel room at 3 A.M.”.

Times Like These

As most great artists know, inspiration can strike at a moments notice, which isn’t always convenient, and Times Like These can definitely attest to that. Mike also shared with me how when they were creating this EP, they weren’t specifically trying to hit a defined theme. However, in the end, it did something better, it told a story. Times Like These were able to fit a whole love story into a three-song EP, which is a feat all in its own. The first song off the EP “Take Me Home” showcases the fun side of love, when you are happy being completely lost in the new and unfamiliar side of a fresh relationship. Next, “Rosebay” highlights the lull that follows the new butterflies of a relationship, where the spark dies and you are forced to reflect. Then finally, “Like We Used To” brings us to the loss of love, when we live in the memories of what used to be, and try to cope with them. Lyrically, these songs all revolve around their respective themes, but what really stood out to me is how the instrumentals tell the story just as well. With “Take Me Home” sounding more upbeat and pop like (the happy beginning), then “Rosebay” brings more aggression and has a more punk feel (the frustrating middle), finally “Like We Used To” wraps it all up with a combination of pop and punk that feels optimistic about the future. As I said in the beginning, even though this EP times in at just under ten minutes, it doesn’t waste a single second.

Adding to the already high level of excitement around this EP, is the music video for the title track, “Take Me Home”. This is one of the most creative videos that I have seen in a long time; it adds an entirely new element to an already great song. I honestly don’t want to give too much away because you really have to watch it for yourself to understand why it is so great. When I asked Mike how this video came about he told me, “It's funny actually, we had 3 ideas that we were going to pick from and none of them were what we actually ended up doing. We kinda hit a creative block and couldn't figure how to make the other ideas interesting or up to par with we felt our standards are. Out of nowhere, our bass player Zach says ‘you guys are gonna hate this but what if we knock Mike out and puppet him around for the video’ and we all kinda looked at each other and our director Nick loved the idea and it came together so naturally we kind of just ran with it!” The last thing I will say is that if you love the movie Weekend at Bernie’s then this music video is made just for you.

All in all, I think Times Like These really hit a home run with their new EP Take Me Home and I am very excited to see where it takes them. Mike told me that he wasn’t able to share too many of the exciting things that they have in the works, but he did say to keep an eye on their social media in the next couple of weeks. Thank you to Mike and the rest of the guys in Times Like These for taking the time to answer my questions, and make sure to check out their new EP Take Me Home wherever you get your music! So until next time, get off the charts and support local music.

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