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Talking About: This Year's Comeback Takes a Big Step with New EP "Missing Pages"

This Year's Comeback

Still riding high off the release of their debut full-length album, Far From Fine, A Garden State Tragedy (July 13, 2018), This Year’s Comeback recently put out another full-length record titled Missing Pages (March 31, 2019). This new follow-up record is the closing of the story that began on Far From Fine, A Garden State Tragedy. While these two projects are connected through their lyrical content, they individually highlight the different strengths of This Year’s Comeback and show the immense progress that can happen in a short amount of time.

Despite starting in 2014, it took multiple member changes and some trial and error for friends, Brian Matthew, Nick Stier, and Ryan Connor to nail down their lineup and defining sound. However, in February of 2017, with the addition of guitarist, Justin Quintana and bassist, Ken Rapsas, the New Jersey based pop-punk group, This Year’s Comeback, was ready to take the world by storm. Despite putting out two full-length records in a short period of time, This Year’s Comeback still has a lot of creativity brewing behind the scenes and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. The Uncharted Hour was able to catch up with vocalist Brian Matthew to talk about the release of Missing Pages and the future of This Year’s Comeback.

First, I would just like to thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and congratulations on the release of your new album Missing Pages! I know you released your first full-length not too long ago in July of 2018, so what influenced you to hit the studio again so soon to create another full album?

Thank you! Well, we felt like there was still a lot left to be said on Far From Fine, a lot of story gaps, a lot of loose ends and that’s where Missing Pages comes in, acting as the literal Missing Pages of the story.

I have read that Missing Pages “ties up some loose ends” that might have been left from Far from Fine, A Garden State Tragedy. How do you specifically try to do this and is there a specific song(s) that might highlight this?

Yeah, with those loose ends and gaps, definitely didn’t flesh out the protagonist of the story enough, so tried to dig a little deeper into the psyche of them. Then of course, Far From Fine ends like, on a sour note. Missing Pages fixes that, more of an acceptance thing, y’know?

Even though Missing Pages is a continuation of Far from Fine, A Garden State Tragedy, is there anything that you tried to do differently in the studio on this new record compared to your past releases?

We absolutely tried to do things a little differently this time around. From just a sound perspective, we looked at the first album and asked ourselves, “Okay, what haven’t we done yet?”, which is why there’s a lot of acoustic guitar, more straight up punk tracks and some heavy stuff too.

After listening to Missing Pages, I couldn’t help but notice that you added more heavy vocals to some of your songs, than what is on your past releases. What caused this change and why have you been waiting so long to highlight these great heavy vocals?

In regards to the heavier vocal styles, I feel like that dug a little more into the psyche of the protagonist and did a decent job at reflecting what they were feeling in the story. On top of that, we actually started out with the idea of being a heavier band but pop punk happened somehow but, we’ve been experimenting with trying to get back to that original idea.

What do you think separates you from the rest of the bands who consider themselves “pop punk”? Is there anything specific that you try to incorporate into your music to separate yourself from the “pack”?

Pop punk is such a huge, diverse genre that’s been around for decades. Right now, when I think pop punk, I’ve got this idea of khaki shorts, red flannels, dad hats, you know what I’m talking about, and they’ve all got this certain sound. I think what separates us from that is like, we’re definitely drawing a much heavier inspiration from early 2000s pop punk bands, for better or for worse, that’s your call.

So, now that you have two full-length albums completed. What does the future of This Year’s Comeback look like? Do you anything exciting planned that you might be willing to share with your fans?

Well, right now, we’ve got this unapologetically DIY look and honestly, think it’s time we try to polish our look a little more. Music wise, we’re in the works of another EP to be released soon, experimenting with that heavy sound again. After that, something, and that something is going to be huge. That’s all I can say about that though.

Intro and Interview By: Chandler Poczciwinski

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