Inside Scoop: Saint Slumber's YOUTH//2 EP

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Saint Slumber has brought us their second installment of a three-part trilogy, YOUTH//2, which brings listeners deeper to the true core of who Saint Slumber is. YOUTH//2 boldly reminds listeners that Saint Slumber is truly one of a kind and completely, one hundred percent, themselves. Everything surrounding their most recent release and their past releases is self-produced, from the music videos to the music itself, Saint Slumber does it all. Their hard work definitely has not gone unnoticed, with YOUTH//2 premiering on Billboard music, people are really starting to catch on to the great work being produced by Saint Slumber. Lead singer, Josh Perna, tells me that, “Accomplishments in press may not seem like that big of a deal to the average listener, but every one of these publications have been really hard earned by us, so to see such an established brand like Billboard standing behind us is really a dream come true.”

“We grew up firmly entrenched in rock music, and that world is marked heavily by the full-length record: the idea that music is more than just a bunch of disjoined singles, but a series of songs that work together to tell a story greater than its individual parts.”

-Josh Perna Vocalist of Saint Slumber

What makes the Youth// movement so inspiring is the idea behind it. With a music scene so

deeply focused on the idea of a full-length record and songs that are more than just random singles, Saint Slumber has found a middle ground to perfectly fit what not only the people want, but what the band wants themselves. As Perna tells me, “Because we are in the streaming era, we wanted to release a body of work that was cohesive yet still acknowledged the strength of smaller releases. Our solution was this: a record told in three parts, a trilogy of EPs called YOUTH//. By the end of this journey we will have released 15 songs, which, in today's market, is a very healthy-sized full-length record". Another interesting thing that Perna told me was how some songs from YOUTH//2 and YOUTH//1 were recorded during the same recording session. He tells me, “Since we record everything at our own pace in our own studio, the process is very fluid. Our records overlap and bleed together in terms of when they were written; for instance, both Marrow, Coast, and an early draft of Stay Away were written and recorded during the same session as YOUTH//1. When we picked the five songs that would become the first record, we then used the remaining songs as the foundation for the next record. Because of this, the recording process really ends up evolving with each song.”

YOUTH//2, takes all the best elements of YOUTH//1, and throws it right in your face. This can specifically be heard in the vocals of the first single they released for this EP titled “I THINK I LIKE YOU”, this song (and YOUTH//2, in general) puts Perna’s dreamy vocals high in the mix with minimal distortion. In Youth//1, Perna’s vocals feel a little lost in the mix, so this adjustment is definitely something that I really thought Saint Slumber did right. Perna described as writing process as “an evolution” and I think that is the perfect way of describing this album. After hearing the evolution of Saint Slumber that happened in about a year I am very excited as to what they will share with us next.

As for the live shows that will follow this release, I was curious as to the live material that Saint

Slumber plans to play. Perna tells me that, “From our very first show, our set has been songs from both records since a typical set for us is 8 or so songs. We are just now --as we're starting to incorporate a couple of unreleased songs from our next record-- starting to get to a point where we have enough music that we're starting to be unable to play everything we'd like to play live. It's ironically very exciting to have this much music!”

After talking with lead singer Josh Perna and listening to Saint Slumber’s music extensively, I

know that they have so much more that they are planning on brining to the table. As to what the next chapter of Saint Slumber really is, I have no idea. However, what I do know is, that whatever they do next in their promising career, it will be one thing and one thing only, themselves.

Written by: Chandler Poczciwinski

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