Inside Scoop: The Losing Score is Breaking Out With Debut EP

Band: The Losing Score

Album: Still Waiting for Things to Get Better

Release Date: 12/14/18

Words By: Chandler Poczciwinski

Fresh off the release of their debut EP, Still Waiting for Things to Get Better, The Losing Score is making noise in their hometown of Shrewsbury, UK. After I listened to Still Waiting for Things to Get Better I knew that I had to investigate further into The Losing Score. Luckily, the UK boys in TLS were nice enough to answer a few of my inquiries via email so we could get a true taste of who The Losing Score really is.

“Well each song on the EP has a different theme. For the most part, they're a lot darker than I'm used to writing about. Like I'm a pretty upbeat person usually but when I get writing, all sorts of different shit comes out."

-Brodie (Vocals/Guitar)

Due to the fact that they are such a new band, I thought it would be a good idea to ask a few questions about how this project came together before I dive into their new EP. Lead singer and guitarist Brodie tells me, “Jack (Drums/Occasional Shouting) and I met in school when we were about 11 or 12. We both injured our toes somehow so we were made to stand at the side during Rugby where we started bonding over video games and having a mutually awful sense of humor. As we became great friends, we naturally got into the same bands and genres. I'd say 2013 was probably when we first started jamming in Jack's shed (that I was too tall to stand up in)... but then in 2015, we met Callum on a Music Technology course at college. He was actually a drummer but we said we needed a bassist and, give or take some mediocre Weezer and Modern Baseball covers, the rest is history.”

The Losing Score

Given The Losing Score’s unique jam-bandish sound I was interested in where they took some of their musical influence from and if they had any influences outside of music, Jack tells me, “I'd say that the band that really inspired me to start creating my own music was initially The Wonder Years, and then Modern Baseball and The Front Bottoms but since then, it's been the rise of the DIY scene really with Prince Daddy, Remo Drive, Jeff Rosenstock, Mom Jeans, etc. that made me think 'holy shit we can actually do this' and how that point isn't too far out of reach for us.” to this Brodie adds, “I'd say I take as much inspiration from Streetlight Manifesto who create this incredibly well written, huge tracks as I do from shitty Pinkerton demos. Cal can be listening to Turnstile one minute and Denzel Curry the next. I think it's important to take inspiration from different genres and styles because it opens up your mind to different writing techniques, performance styles, and although that might not come across so much in the EP, we're trying not to become a carbon copy of another band.” The most important note to take away from this is how The Losing Score is not just a carbon copy of another band, and once you take a listen for yourself you will see how that is true. This down to earth group of guys take influence from a wide variety of artists and then play the music that they want to hear, making them an ideal addition to the DIY scene.

Like I said before, The Losing Score is fresh off the release of their debut EP Still Waiting for Things to Get Better, and my god is this a solid release. From the lyrics to the production to the music itself it is just a beautiful sounding EP. When I asked the boys about their killer first EP and how it was recorded, Brodie tells me,

Credit: The Losing Score

“The EP was recorded with Matt Heap at Suff Studio in Colne. Luke Rainsford had recommended him to me and it was the best decision I've made in a long time. Matt is such a down to earth and a great guy. Recording with him was great! Before we went into the studio, I couldn't imagine the songs I'd written in my bedroom come to life the way they did. He literally spent hours trying to get everything sounding great before we even started recording and we're super grateful for his hard work and enthusiasm he put into the EP.” While having a great producer makes a huge difference in the sound of an album, what makes The Losing Score great isn’t something that can just be created with production techniques. What I think makes them so special is their genuine attitude and down to earth demeanor, that can be seen not only in their music but in their social media presence as well. Cal continued on the topic of their EP when he tells me, “Traveling far from home was a bit daunting for me at first, but once we met Matt and hung out with him, I knew we were in for an amazing time. Matt was a huge helping hand in expanding and spicing up my bass lines by suggesting stuff I never thought to do, I’ll openly admit that I’m not cool enough to write any bass solo you’ll most likely hear in the future. As we finished up tracking each song, it felt a bit magical (as cheesy as that sounds) that these songs Brodie showed us a couple months back we’re starting to actually sound professional and way better than any of the college projects we had recorded beforehand.”

To talk more about what you will actually hear when you listen to Still Waiting for Things to Get Better, I asked the guys what theme they tried to portray with this project, Brodie tells me, “Well each song on the EP has a different theme. For the most part, they're a lot darker than I'm used to writing about. Like I'm a pretty upbeat person usually but when I get writing, all sorts of different shit comes out. I'm not consistent at all! I feel like I'm very self-documenting when I write music and so songs like 'Thunder Gun Express' talk about how I'm always feeling like I don't have enough time to please everyone or to do the stuff I want to do before life gets the better of me.” It is funny to hear Brodie talk about not being consistent with his writing because when Haley and I were in the car today we were talking about how we love when bands switch up their writing style. While love and heartbreak are great things to write about because it is something that everyone will have to deal with at some point in their life. The scene can sometimes feel flooded with these topics so it is always refreshing to hear a song about a different type of life struggle. It was also hard to not agree with Brodie and Jack when they tell me how “Eggshells” is one of their favorite songs to play, the guitar work is just so catchy and overall feels far from a cookie cutter punk song. With Waiting for Things to Get Better timing in at about 21 minutes, it is the perfect way to start off your day on your ride to work.

After reading this article and listening to The Losing Score’s debut EP Waiting for Things to Get Better, I know you are going to be eagerly wanting more. Don’t get to worked up though, because Cal tells me, “We’re currently writing and sharing new songs to each other almost every couple of days so expect at least a few teasers of new tracks to be posted around our social media accounts. Other than that we will be hoping to get some live shows in our little small town or even in places like Birmingham and a few more bigger names locations. If it all works out we may hopefully tour with Weezer one time and force them into doing sets full of Blue album and Pinkerton songs.” Even though The Losing Score is still a relatively new band, they are already giving fans a lot to be excited about. I am so excited to see all the great things that The Losing Score has in store for fans and I will be anxiously waiting across the pond here in Buffalo, NY. So until next time, get off the charts and support local music.

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