Inside Scoop: Oakrest's Single "In Your Head" is the Start of a New Chapter

Band: Oakrest

Single: “In Your Head” off the upcoming Annamaria Dr.

Release Date: 1/11/19

Words By: Chandler Poczciwinski


The fresh new single from Oakrest titled “In Your Head” feat. Jordan Black marks a new chapter for the Toronto, ON band. Yes, you read that right Oakrest has teamed up with fellow Toronto native, Jordan Black, to showcase a new side of the band. We were able to exchange a few words with Jacob Szabo (Vocals) so we could get the inside scoop on the new things happening with Oakrest.

After many line up changes, Oakrest found a solid group which gave them the ability to create the 4 song EP This Story Needs an End in 2017. However, as heard on the new single “In Your Head” there is a new chapter on the horizon. When I asked Jacob how this single came about he told me, “In Your Head was actually the first song written for our new EP “Annamaria Dr” and its probably one of my favorites, so I was very excited when we got to record this one. But, everyday for a week and a half, my bass player and I (Adam Allen) would head down to Toronto to record with our friend and producer Anton Delost.” Of course, I had to ask the obvious question: How did he get Jordan Black from Like Pacific (one of my all time favorite bands) to feature on the track? To this he remarks, “Like any other recording process, we recorded all the instruments first, then did vocals and then awaited Jordan Black to be free to come down to the studio to record his feature. And funny thing is, it didn’t take much for him to agree to featuring on our EP, I’ve actually been friends with Jordan for a little bit. So I remember when I got the idea, I saw him at Vans Warped tour, and just literally asked him if he wanted to feature and he agreed, and I'm glad he did, because his feature really fits and makes the song that much more intense.” When I listen to “In Your Head” it feels like a hurricane, slowing building with intensity until we reach the calm eye of the storm, Jordan Black’s bridge solo, then we are thrown back into the storm of heavy chugs and catchy choruses.

When Jacob touched on the how the lyrics of the song came about he told me, “ I just started writing what was on my mind, and at the time it was about mental health and the “demons in your head”.

So I thought the whole message of the song really fit with the music behind it, because it’s a very big and powerful song, and mental health is a very big and powerful topic. I wanted to release this song as a single before we even started recording, like I said it was the first song written, and there was just something always about it that stood out to me.” I am excited to see the rest of the songs that they created because if they are anything like “In Your Head” they are going to be something truly special. Fans are in luck because “In Your Head” and the rest of the songs Oakrest has crafted up will be featured on their up coming EP Annamaria Dr, scheduled to drop April 5th, 2019. Jacob tells me that this new EP is a VERY new chapter for Oakrest and is going to be full of surprises. I am excited to see the growth that Oakrest has recently gone through and you should be too, but until April 5th, get off the charts and support local music.

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