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Inside Scoop: Massachusetts's, Wax On, Release an Exciting New Song

By: Chandler Poczciwinski

Still riding high off their recent tour, Massachusetts’s very own Wax On recently released an exciting new single titled, “Congratulations! (So, How Is That Band at the Glitterbox?)”. I was one of the lucky few who had the pleasure of getting an early listen of the new tune and I haven’t stopped listening to it since they sent it to me. It’s an energetic jam about the frustration and uncertainty of the post-college graduate life. Even though the single only clocks in at two minutes and 31 seconds, it instantly has the listener captivated with its infections head-bobbing beat. This single shows a new side of Wax On that I really hope we get to see more of in the future. Thankfully, Wax On released their new single this past weekend so you can find it wherever you get your music. So, while you check out Wax On's killer new song, read our interview with them where we talk about the song, tour and the future.

Where did the inspiration for Wax On come from?

Dan's brainchild from high school. Nick joined in on busking. Dan went to URI and met Mike and Luke. Jordan was plucked from a Rhode Island garden. After much time spent developing our technique and shaping our sound, paired with hopping between residencies and living life a bit when we can, we’ve finally figured things out and dubbed it Wax On. We are a collective of individuals joined together by the goal of making our voices heard through music. Our work is centered around being cynical and skeptical toward social institutions and Western ideologies. Nearly all of our music has been plucked from the aether and transposed into auditory frequencies. By doing so; by putting what is heard in dreams and subconscious thought into feasible, measurable sound, we are technically performing magic - making something from

nothing. The result is an aural experience that will resonate with you somewhere inside your bonehouse.

So, I know you guys recently just got off tour. How was it? Were there any memorable shows?

Tour was amazing. If you ever want to grow closer to anybody, spend 10 days in a hot minivan surrounded by nothing but music and Chef Boyardee. Every show was its own unique experience. Between the house venues, art galleries, bars and night-clubs we made friends and fans that we’ll cherish forever. Spacy Lounge in Washington DC was certainly a fun time. Justin makes the best curry soup any of us have ever had. We met a pair of dudes in a band called ‘Parish’ out of New Jersey. They absolutely rip and y’all should see them live. Death Cow also rips.

Music aside, we had a pretty smart approach to booking, lodging, and provisions. Obviously gas was the biggest expense. But between eating cheap, dense, and nutritional food like fruits and trail mix, and making good use of a tent and pillowcases filled with clothes, we were able to save cash and space in the van. We were also able to take some pretty big bites out of history as we traveled up the east coast. We traversed the verdant but quiet hills of Gettysburg. We explored around the Smithsonian museums in DC. We made awesome friends with the folks at Burns Manor in Baltimore. We stalked through a haunted asylum in Hartford, CT. The Circle, the venue we played in Lancaster, PA, also had this apartment above it

with open roof access and the perfect shower. Steve, the owner of the building is the GOAT for letting bands crash there. All in all, we married music with adventure and made some dope memories.

Now to talk about your upcoming single “Congratulations! (So, How Is That Band At the Glitterbox?)”, my first question is how did you come up with the name for this song and what is its significance?

All of our songs have their real album names and then their setlist (what we call them) names. So ‘Congratulations!’ (So How Is That Band At the Glitterbox?)’ Is simply referred to as the acronym in parenthesis. The significance of the acronym expresses how we all felt upon graduating college. Getting that expensive piece of paper that says ‘Congratulations!’ and not having a clue what to do with it. We honestly came up with the full title, unabbreviated acronym and all, by sitting and brainstorming about how much more meta we could make aspects of our music. We ceaselessly gush over music that has extra layers and elements. For instance our first album, Homework, has a lyric booklet with a secret code hidden in the lyrics. Decipher the code and we give you free merch. No one has got it yet, though a few folks have come close. It’s things like THAT that really excites us about making music in general - the fact that it’s got NOTHING to do with music!

I know you told me that this new song is about the “frustration and uncertainty of post grad-life”, is this a struggle that everyone in the band is experiencing? Also, do you have any tips for anyone experiencing these same struggles?

It’s a feeling that we have certainly wrestled with through music and friendship. From time to time it’ll rear its ugly head. So we find healthy coping mechanisms and vehicles to change that feeling! We continue to do the things that make us happy; playing and sharing music, playing Smash, cooking, reading - little things. Struggles of feeling useless or as if no progress was made after working so hard is not exclusive to graduating from a school. Having patience, finding joy in smaller, ordinary things and adopting those as tasks or hobbies to excel in really does have a remedial effect on hopelessness. Houseplants, too.

How does this new song compare both instrumentally and lyrically to your past material?

This song has a certain simplicity about it. Instrumentally it is stripped down. We wanted to write something digestible because we felt the lyrics were the real crux of the song. Lyrically this song is far more aggressive than anything we’ve ever written. The lyrics are in your face, they’re angry, they’re a reality punch to the gut on a widely relatable spectrum. BUT! They’re also intricately organized, pensive and, at times, pretty goofy. Cue the plug where we say “LISTEN TO THE SONG TO REALLY GET THE FULL SCOPE”

Finally, besides this exciting new song, is there anything else that your fans can be on the lookout for in the near future?

We have a string of show coming up in the coming months all over New England. All of which will be announced via our Instagram and Facebook pages. We never stop writing new music as well as adding to the overall live show. We are in the finishing

stages of a new record that will be a complete derailment of everything you’ve heard from us thus far.

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