Inside Scoop: Debut Record From Pop-Punk Band Goldview is Going to Turn Heads

Band: Goldview

Album: Until Morning Comes

Release Date: 12/14/18

Words By: Chandler Poczciwinski

For a band, being the “new kid on the block” is never a small task, from playing your first shows to making your first merch, there are many milestones that every new band must face. One of the first, and most important steps is creating the first record. This is no small task, as it can be a defining moment that decides the future of the group. Some bands are able to take on this challenge, however some, fall short. One band that has recently faced this challenge is Goldview from San Jose, CA who released their first EP titled Until Morning Comes on December 14, 2018. Through some email conversations I was able to get the inside scoop on what it took for Goldview to create their defining first EP.

Goldview’s new EP Until Morning Comes is made up of five songs, clocking in at just over 16 minutes long. Lyrically, the EP focuses on the theme of perseverance through even the toughest of times. As vocalist Trevor Schmidt tells me, “Life will throw a lot at you, but it’s about keeping your head up in those hard moments and enjoying all the little amazing moments along the way.” To see a specific example of this from the EP, bassist Nathan Huynh explains, “‘Sounds Like Fighting Words’ is a song about a young kid getting bullied and not being accepted, but in the future, that kid chased the dream of being a musician. There are also songs about enduring through the hardships in life. Being a new band, we can relate to that.” It is always refreshing to see bands write music about more than just girls and heartbreak. As someone who plays in a local DIY band with dreams of making it in the industry, I know that a positive mindset is not always the easiest thing to have. So, listening to an album about following your dreams no matter what is in your way is inspiring.

By creating this EP, Goldview’s dreams actually came true, with Nik of Man Overboard and Ace of The Early November helping guide the creative ship. As Nathan explains to me, “It was a dream come true. Newton (guitar) and I grew up listening to Man Overboard and still do. Man Overboard is in my top 10 favorite bands list. We saw Man O for the first time at Warped Tour 2012, and also met Nik that day for the first time. Working with one of our heroes is indescribable. In the studio, it was mind blowing. Nik and Ace pushed us to work hard and get the songs to their fullest potential. They are really passionate and cared about the music.”. However, don’t think it was was all just grinding in the studio, Goldview also had a lot of fun working with some of their idols Nathan also elaborated on some of the in-studio shenanigans, “I was taking a nap at one point. I heard a voice scream “SUPPY MAN!”. It woke me up and I saw it was Nik. He asked how I felt about the songs and then we went to his control room to listen to them. He grabbed my shoes and tossed them down the hallway. Then I grabbed his shoes and hid it in the studio. It eventually became a war between us trying to get our shoes back. Nik tackled me and locked the control room door while he had my phone. Nik is very strong.”

Obviously, the most important part of any band is the music, and bringing out the big guns to create this project definitely paid off. Instrumentally, this record is very solid and full of catchy riffs that make you want to pick up a guitar and play along yourself. Even though it is not necessarily instrumentally complex or groundbreaking , it is, most importantly, honest. Everything I hear sounds like something I would actually be able to hear in a live setting without the use of a backing track. For me, that is truly what makes a great punk rock record, I want to hear a record that I know you can play live. Punk music isn’t about sounding perfect, it's about having something to say and a way to say it. With that being said, I believe that Goldview’s Until Morning Comes is definitely punk rock.

When I asked the guys what their favorite song off the record was, Newton Huynh shared some of his struggles of when writing this record, “In the studio, there were a lot of writer’s block moments. Even moments where there was doubt in the aspect of writing a great song. When you are in the studio working on something passionately, you want the best results. However, there is pressure and you might feel fear about not being great. One night, I came up with a lead guitar riff and it really resonated with me. The next day, we recorded it for “Sounds Like Fighting Words” and it made the EP.”

From start to finish Until Morning Comes is solid, each song feels carefully crafted and unique, and definitely not cookie cutter by any means. Instrumentally, it sounds very full and genuine, even through my noise cancelling Bose headphones, I didn’t find any lacking moments. Vocally, this record is true and in your face, never really hiding behind any production techniques. The vocals are not to buried in the mix, which is great because this is a lyrically strong album. Overall, Until Morning Comes is very solid and a great addition to the Bay Area pop punk scene. All of Goldview’s hard work and time in the studio definitely paid off, as they definitely did not fall short during for their debut record. I really wish I was on the West Coast so I could see this record thrive in the live setting. However, if you are on the West Coast make sure to keep an eye out for some upcoming Goldview shows and possible tour in the future. When you are at one of these future shows check out Goldview’s new merch and pick up a sticker (or stickies as Goldview likes to call them). Congratulations to Goldview on putting out a solid first record. You can check out the music videos for “Positivity”, “Friday Nights Don’t Last Forever”, and “Scenic Route”, with a possible lyric video coming soon. So, until next time, support local music and go pick up Goldview’s Until Morning Comes.

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