Featuring: Goodfella's new EP, We're All Attached to Something

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While being newly signed to a record label is huge accomplishment and is something to

be celebrated, it does come with a price. The stress, commitment and hard work that

the accompanies the ever-sought record deal is sometimes the variable that breaks down

bands. However, the bands that can properly cope with the new-found stress and channel it into their artistry will shine above all others. Goodfella, an emerging pop-punk band from Oklahoma, did just that in their new four song EP titled "We’re All Attached to Something" This EP shows that they have something to say, and they are ready to say it.

“One of the biggest sort of messages we try to hit on in this EP is the power of believing in yourself and not giving up on the things that make you who you want to be.”

-Jason Coffelt, lead singer

Lead singer, Jason Coffelt, told me that this album was written during a huge turning

point for the band and for himself, he tells me, “The EP was sort of written in a time of great

change in my life, with our band and my personal romantic life. We had been playing locally for a couple years now but decided to get a little out of our comfort zone and really give this band everything we had”. This embodies everything that is "We’re All Attached to Something", the theme of the EP, as Coffelt tells me, is the power of believing in yourself and not giving up on the things that make you who you want to be. As a pop-punk kid in college writing a music review rather than doing homework, this is something that I definitely take to heart. While the first track off the four song EP is titled “Hopeless”, Coffelt tells me that, “‘Hopeless’ which at first glance might seem like a song about giving up, is actually a song we wrote about moving on and trying to get back on track to that road of happiness,” a theme that can be applied to everyone in one way or another.

Goodfella’s latest project is co-produced by Seth Henderson (Previously worked

with Real Friends) and Nick Casasanto of Knuckle Puck. This is an experience that many bands dream of having, Coffelt tells me that, “We spent almost 2 weeks in Indiana in mid-winter recording this so we were basically in a snow storm every single day with a 30-minute drive from our hotel to the studio each morning and night. Even though we got pretty good at driving in the snow, it was always stressful. But I wouldn't trade anything for those days we spent up there. Bonding with microwaved dinners every night to learning from some of the greatest at the studio each day. It was all a dream come true. I can’t recommend Always Be Genius studios enough to bands who really want to grow as they create.” After the recording process and the tedious practice of listening analyzing and editing process, Coffelt tells me that he is very excited to for people to finally be able to hear the project that they have worked so hard on.

If you are looking for an inspiring new album to get you through the inevitable cold

autumn days that are coming, look no further than Goodfella’s new EP "We’re All Attached to Something". A down to earth album that tells the story of a band, that has taken a leap of faith into making their dreams a reality, and rather than falling, they are flying.

Written by: Chandler Poczciwinski

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