Live Review: Johnny & the Man Kids Play Hometown Banger to End Their First Tour

Show Date: 12/30/18

Venue: Mohwak Place (Buffalo, NY)

Bands: Johnny & the Man Kids, Ugly Sun, Passed Out, All Poets and Heroes, PersonsPlacesThings

Words and Photography: Chandler Poczciwinski

Johnny & the Man Kids

After a long day of work, I made a last minute decision to check out Johnny & the Man Kids as they played a home town show to end off their first ever mini tour. This tour gave cities like Detroit, Columbus, and Cleveland the chance to finally get a taste of the beloved Johnny & the Man Kids. No matter how tired I was after work, I felt that it was almost impossible to miss out on this killer lineup of bands at the local Buffalo venue, Mohawk Place. This lineup consisted of hometown favorites Ugly Sun and Passed Out, but doesn’t stop there because All Poets & Heroes (Syracuse, NY) and PersonsPlacesThings (Cleveland, OH) came to join the party as well. Soon after entering the venue, I realized that these bands definitely wouldn’t let me down.


The Cleveland boys in PersonsPlacesThings started off the evening with their bluesy alt-rock vibe that was a definite crowd pleaser. I was personally excited when they played their song “Breakfast in Bed” that I would highly recommend to anyone who has trouble getting out of bed in the morning. I hope to see these guys in Buffalo soon or I might just have to make a trip to Cleveland in the near future.

All Poets & Heroes

Following PersonsPlacesThings was All Poets & Heroes who switched up the evening with their folky pop sound. After listening All Poets & Heroes latest release Where We Lived and What We Lived For I was expecting a more low key dreamy sounding set. However, All Poets & Heroes had a live energy that really brought their music to life. If you want to know what I'm talking about, check out their song “Day Dream” and then catch them live.

Passed Out

Local band, Passed Out, took the stage next, who kept the vibes going with their first performance in three months. Playing songs off their project, The Aforementioned and How It Pertains to Absolutely Nothing, which contains “Inverse Is True” that is a personal favorite of mine. After finally seeing them live I really hope Passed Out doesn’t wait another three months for their next show, but if they do, it will be worth the wait.

Ugly Sun

Next up, Ugly Sun, who has been a staple on all of my road trip playlists since they released their EP Painted Post. A perfect mix of mosh-worthy guitar riffs and energetic vocals, that keeps your head banging and foot tappin' from start to finish. If you are looking for a good time then check out their song, “Burned Alive”, however, if you listen to it while driving, make sure to check your speed cause this tune definitely gives me a bad case of lead foot.

Finally, the main event of the evening, Johnny & the Man Kids, who I have been meaning to see live for WAY too long. All I have to say is that I am mad at myself for not seeing them love sooner

Johnny & the Man Kids

Playing songs off their debut album We Are Johnny & the Man Kids their set was an absolute blast. They proved that they write killer songs, and then bring those songs to a live setting and make them even more exciting. I know it is only January, but when you start to make your summer playlists, make sure to throw in “You’re the Reason” by Johnny & the Man Kids or else your summer will be lacking greatly.

However, The Man Kids teased that they have some new music on the horizon so that is something to be looking forward to as well. The last thing I have to say about these guys (that I have also never said about a band before) is that if they don’t get picked up by a label in the near future then I am losing my faith in the music industry.

Johnny & the Man Kids

Johnny & the Man Kids

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