It would be an understatement to say that I’m obsessed with this album. The last time I heard Brad, JJ, Cory, and Travis was back in 2013 when they released their “Split” EP with Seaway; Safe to say (which is conveniently their old name), that was a long, long time ago and I barely remembered that they once existed. Now after their two year break, Locket, formerly Safe To Say, is back with their first LP since signing with Fearless Records, All Out, on October 25th, 2019.

I find it funny because a few weeks back, we had Rarity in the studio for an interview and we asked them to bring in two names of bands who aren’t as well known for them to share over the air; Locket was one of them. I hadn’t made the connection that they used to be Safe To Say, but I loved their song, “First Blush”. When I first heard Brad sing, “I want to be totally reckless with you in suburban streets” in an airy, effortless voice during the chorus I had literal chills. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I grew up in a suburban area and that the instruments behind his singing gave me a nostalgic feeling of the fall when I was younger, but the emotional connection I felt had me hooked after I heard that song of off “All Out (The Singles)”. This album definitely contains everybody's next winter anthem that they will have on repeat for the remainder of 2019.

The album begins with Brad’s signature light and airy vocals singing “If I were the ocean I’d suspend/all of my waves from crashing” over a subtle guitar riff before the drums and second guitar kick in on “Out of Sight”. I want to say this is my favorite song off the album because I don’t think they could’ve picked a better song to introduce themselves as Locket, but I also can’t pick a favorite song because each song is so beautifully crafted that it would be impossible to pinpoint one song as my favorite. “Out of Sight” has ups and downs and showcases their ability to write beautiful, but hard-hitting lyrics like during the chorus when he sings in a much heavier voice “Taking two steps back whenever you run away/does it make you laugh when they say/all of us are looking for love in our own way/is anybody loving us back”.

Overall, the album has everything a pop-punk fan could want: singable, catchy lyrics, heavier, angry songs like “Sleepwalker”, and beautiful ballads like “Hunnie”, another favorite of mine. It’s rare that we punk fans ever get a love song that isn’t about being absolutely miserable or depressed in a relationship, but Locket delivers one of the most elegant love songs I’ve ever heard in pop-punk or punk rock with “Hunnie”. I’ve listened to it countless times since this album came out on Friday and I still get chills every time Brad’s vocals come in with the subtle drum roll on the cymbal singing “Bound to you/wrapped around your finger” halfway through the song; in all reality, I could just put that part on repeat and listen to it over and over again.

This album is literally Locket’s “breakout” album, but I think it’s also going to pave the way for the rest of their career. I think they learned a lot during the years that they were Safe To Say and it’s evident that they have applied everything they’ve learned to Locket and are about to be a force to be reckoned with. I have yet to hear one bad review of All Out, but I don’t think there is ever going to be one because this album is simply that good. All Out is currently streaming everywhere. If you are interested in hearing Locket play some songs off of All Out live, they are currently on tour with The Dangerous Summer. You can find the rest of their dates here.

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The 13th Blackout Fest in Brantford, Ontario took place October 18th and 19th. The annual festival features bands from locals to headliners such as Seaway and Like Pacific. We had the opportunity to film our experience and interview some bands during day two of the festival.

Watch the video featuring interviews from Keep Flying, Young Culture, Calling All Captains, Summer Wars, Oakrest, Incase We Crash, and In All Fairness here:

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Boy Band isn’t your typical boy band, in fact, they aren’t a boy band at all. The trio consists of Ana Dratz, Jen Fischer, and HaleyJane Rose; this all-female folk pop band from New York City captivates listeners with their catchy choruses and beautiful harmonies that could easily fill a stadium some day. I had the opportunity to ask the group some questions to find out more about this female powerhouse trio emerging from the city that has delivered some of the world’s best musical artists of the 20th and 21st centuries.

The story of how they got their start honestly reminds me of something you’d see in a movie. In 2014, the three spontaneously played a cover of “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” at a mutual friend’s backyard party; two years later, they got together and wrote their first two songs, according to Rose. When Rose and Dratz were in college, they always used to joke about calling themselves “Big Burly Men”. They wanted a name that would make people laugh when they saw three women get on stage and settled on the name “Boy Band” (I can attest that it is effective, it definitely caught my eye and made me chuckle when I saw a picture of three women with the name “Boy Band”). Dratz says she loves the reactions they get when they say who they are.

I think that our very different personal musical influences is what makes us work so well as a group. We each bring a unique perspective to a song. -HaleyJane Rose

I think what makes Boy Band’s music so unique and able to fit nearly any category you decide to throw them into is the fact that their influences are all over the map, and each musician has different strengths they bring to the group. From what I’ve been told by the group, they rely heavily on each other for collaboration during the songwriting process since every member excels in different styles and areas of songwriting. Rose tells me that one of the members will bring a song they wrote, or need help finishing, and then the rest of the group will jump in to collaborate on the arrangement. Fischer’s signatures are the melodies and chord structures and Dratz is the “MVP of figuring out harmonies, often jumping from the lowest of low harmonies to the highest line possible within the same breath”, according to Rose. Fischer adds that whoever writes the song handles the melody and once the song is finished, they decide who takes the high and low harmonies (once again, Fischer states that Dratz tends to handle the jumps from the lowest to highest harmonies to give Haley and her “some peace of mind”). Dratz states that when the songwriting process begins, sometimes they know exactly what they want the end product to look like but sometimes it’s “‘I know I want something here, but I’m not sure what yet’”; this is her favorite because she gets to play around with the melodies and sound crazy before something emerges that’s close to the final product they’re looking for. Their songwriting process is one of the most collaborative I’ve seen, and once again, the way they write their music allows each of their unique strengths to come together to produce outstanding music lyrically and musically. Each member pulls influence from different artists and genres which adds another layer of uniqueness onto their music. Fischer states that collectively, they are influenced by other female lead pop/rock/folk bands such as the band Joseph and the Staves, but personally, she is heavily influenced by modern and classic rock. Dratz expressed that she loves Mree right now because of the “ethereal quality to her music” and the fact that she writes and produces everything herself. Rose said that Jason Mraz lyricism is the reason she writes songs, adding that English rock, hyper-pop, and outlaw country artists seem to make their way into her inspiration at times. I think Rose put it perfectly when she told me that “[their] very different personal musical influences is what makes us work so well as a group. [They] each bring a unique perspective to a song”.

In New York, if you have something to share, there’s an opportunity waiting for you. -HaleyJane Rose

Coming from New York City, there are a lot of legends that they have to “live up” to, so I was curious as to how being so close to the heart of the music industry influences them. Rose tells me that, “In New York, if you have something to share, there’s an opportunity waiting for you. We’ve played alongside punk bands at DIY venues, we’ve gotten paid to play covers in a subway station, sang on the same bill as a Broadway actress, and gotten fans by people wandering into small venues”. Eventually, they said they’d love to tour (Dratz would love to go to Hong Kong someday because that’s where she’s from), but for now, New York City and the northeast in general, seems to be working for them while they work on producing their first full-length album. They frequent Rockwood Music Hall and Pianos, but you can catch them on November 19th, opening for Ali Barter at Mercury Lounge. Boy Band often introduces some of their new music at shows, so who knows, you might end up getting a sneak peak of what they’re working on right now, which they “promise will be really good when it’s finished!”

Tickets for their show with Ali Barter:

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